Ballet/ Classical Ballet – Focus on classical steps, ballet positions and techniques that
assist in developing posture, confidence and grace.
Attire: Leotard (Black)/Tights (Black/Pink)/Skirt (Optional), Hair (Up)/ Shoes: Regulation
Pink Ballet Slippers

Hip Hop - Energetic, athletic movements that combine dance technique, rhythm and
popular dance moves to up tempo beats and music.
Attire: Leotard (Any Color), Pants (Jazz and/or Cropped-Any Color)/ Shorts (Any
Color)/Top (Cropped-Any Color)/ Hair (Pulled Back)/ Shoes: Regulation Dance Sneaker

Contemporary - Blended ballet and jazz technique that will focus on expression
interpretation and character through music. Balanced, focused, and concentration on
extension and control.
Attire: Leotard (Black)/ Tights (Black/Nude)/ Skirt (Optional-Black)/ Hair (Up)/ Shoes:
Jazz Shoe

Poms – A form of athletic dance. Students will learn precise arm movements as well as
technical dance skills (such as jumps, turns and leaps). They will use pom pons to showcase
routines learned throughout the year.

Tap - This course is designed to teach the fundamentals of tap dancing. Students will focus
on tap basics including vocabulary, rhythm, timing, body movements and technique.
Attire: Leotard (Any Color)/ Pants (Jazz-Any Color)/ Tights (Any Color)/ Shorts (Dance-
Any Color)/ Top (Cropped-Any Color)/ Hair (Pulled Back)/ Shoes: Regulation Nude Tap

Core – 30 minutes of disciplined focus on flexibility, stretching, self awareness and dance technique. Students ages 7+ required to enroll.
Attire: Leotard (Any Color)/ Shorts (Dance-Any Color)/ Tights (Any Color)/ Top (CroppedCourses[8/6/2011 4:50:44 PM]
Any Color) Hair (Up)/ Shoes: None

Tiny Dancers – Children are introduced to creative movement and music. They are
encouraged to explore their unique way of moving and to discover the joy found in dance
self-expression. Techniques for enhancing flexibility and strength are introduced in a
nurturing environment. This is our introductory level class. It is open to any children ages 2
to 3. (Must be potty trained).

Tiny Tumblers - This class is designed to be a fun and positive introduction to the sport of
gymnastics and the concept of fitness. The weekly classes develop confidence and build
strength, balance and awareness. (Must be potty trained).

Mommy and Me Yoga – A 30-minute class designed for moms (or dads, grandmas, etc!) and their non-walking infants. Mommies will get a gentle yet challenging workout focusing on toning the postpartum body while babies will have lots of fun with songs and poses all their own. Please bring a yoga mat and any items needed to soothe your baby plus a small blanket.

Mom and Tot Yoga – A 30-minute class designed especially for mobile and active tots. Mom (or dad, grandma, etc) and tot will work together with special songs, games, and other fun yoga activities. Please bring a yoga mat.

Adult Yoga – This 60-minute vinyasa-style slow flow yoga class will alternate between flex and flow series to build strength and internal heat. No prior yoga experience needed. Please bring a yoga mat.



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